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Hey friends and neighbors.  We have a new YouTube channel!  Please SUBSCRIBE! We don't have much on there yet but we will be adding more as we have more adventuress on the road. 

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When Covid-19 canceled many of our band gigs in 2020, I decided to hit the road solo--with my wife and dogs. We traveled the country in our Storyteller Overland camper van, playing outdoor, socially distanced shows. This tour officially launched my solo project, Jason Walsmith Storyteller. This effort consists of new songs, recordings as well as performing fan favorites and telling stories from 30 years on the road with my band, The Nadas. We'll play anywhere man! Last year we played backyards, farms, ranches, rooftops, lakesides, driveways, parking lots, park gazebos, bandshells, front porches, warehouses and beachfronts. This year we are looking to do more of the same. 

Don't worry, I will still be playing plenty of shows with The Nadas along the way. 

If you are interested in hearing more about this or just booking a date please contact my booking agent: 

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